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Dec 2015 Net Worth $186,910 (+$13,648)

Horrible month in terms of money savings (enter Christmas) but one of my IP’s went up in value. I decided to immediately pull the equity from the IP and stick it in the offset account just in case its valued dropped.

With my bank (commbank) it’s super easy to pull out equity as long as you stay at or under 80% LVR. Anything over that and you get hit with fees and paperwork. As soon as one of my IP’s goes up in value, my LVR drops under 80% and I top it back up to 80% and just keep the money that was pulled out in an offset.(+$1,264)

This way I’m paying no more in terms of interest, but now I have a buffer up my sleeve in case anything happens OR I can use this extra money to help towards a down payment on the next IP.




[wp_charts title=”linechart” type=”line” align=”alignleft” width = “100%” datasets=”-36000,-36000, -32000,-7000,20000,32000,45000,65000,83254,130000, 186000″ labels=”1-Jan-2011,1-Jul-2011,1-Jan-2012,1-Jul-2012,1-Jan-2013,1-Jul-2013,1-Jan-2014,1-Jul-2014,1-Jan-2015,1-Jul-2015,1-Dec-2015″]

DateRolling NetWorth$ Change% ChangeNotes
1-Jan-2011-$36,000$00.00%HECCS debt
1-Jan-2012-$32,000$4,0000.00%Started Full-time work late Nov
1-Jan-2013$20,000$52,0000.00%Built property and recieved FHOG ($21,000)
1-Jan-2015$83,254$38,25485.01%Bought second IP
18-Feb-2015$121,541$11,32610.28% IP’s re-valued
18-Mar-2015$122,128-$1,587-1.28%Paid for holiday
15-Apr-2015$125,906$3,7783.09%Withdrew equity from property
21-Jun-2015$152,904$21,00015.92%IP’s re-valued
12-Jul-2015$159,904$7,0004.58%Paid 4K off HECS Debt
31-Sep-2015$170,110$2,2051.31% Car went out of Portfolio, Bought IP 3, Super went up and one IP went up
 31-Oct-2015$171,376$1,265 0.74% Big bills. Not much saved.
30-Nov-2015$173,263$1,8871.10%Super went down slightly
31-Dec-2015$186,910136487.88%IP went up in value


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