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April 2017 Net Worth $316,102 (+$10,778)

April 2017 Net Worth $316,102 (+$10,778)

Really solid month of saving along with ETF’s increasing plus a little over $300 in dividends … oh and a Super bump!


It’s amazing how much Mrs. Firebug and I are able to save in a ‘normal’ month.


What do I mean by normal? Well…mostly a month that doesn’t involve some big expense. And we have been having heaps of those lately.


I’m talking about weddings, holidays, Christmas, unexpected medical expenses, new cars (example only, we didn’t get new cars ?) and so on and so on.


We’re both at the age where all our friends are getting married so I’d expect wedding season to last another couple of years for us ?.


But that’s just life and as much as I like the ‘normal’ months from a savings point of view, life would be pretty boring if we didn’t do any of those things mention above.


It’s all about balance!




Side not: How cool were those bird things right!




Net Worth Update



Main increase was a result of good savings and no real big expenses this month. A little bump from Super, ETFs and dividends too.



No change in any of the properties for this month.

Various data sources (RP data, etc.) are used in combination of what similar surrounding properties were sold for to calculate an estimate. This is an official Commonwealth bank estimate and one which they use to approve loans.


ETFs has a slight gain and dividends came this month :). Around $300 worth!  (hover over to see $$$ figures)



8 Responses to April 2017 Net Worth $316,102 (+$10,778)

    • Thanks 🙂

      I usually do a wrap up of cash flow at the end of the financial year. It’s hard to track cash flow when you’re getting a tax kickback every year from depreciation on multiple IP’s. I religiously track my spendings but not so much my cashflow. I figure that I have much greater control over my spendings whereas my investment performance is left a little bit to the ‘market’.

  1. Haha oh mate its so true, we bought a house 3 years ago, got married 2 years ago and had a kid 6 months ago… It’s nice finally getting back into a decent savings rhythm and see money coming and staying in the accounts rather than flying out for all sorts of ‘one off’ expenses!!

    • And it only gets worse the older you get apparently… Which is why you need to build wealth in your early years!

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