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Financial Goals 2018

Financial Goals 2018



Before I get into the 2018 goals, I want to go over my 2017 financial goals and see how I did.




2017 GOALS  


Obtain a savings rate of 65% or better

Achieved = No ❌

I usually do EOFY write-ups that go into details how much we spent and what we spent it on. But just quickly crunching the numbers to give an EOCY savings rate came out as follows:


Total expenses for 2017 (give a day or two): $47,371

Total money made (post-tax): $130,716


Savings rate for 2017 = 64% 😫😫😫




We missed our goal by 1%! 😭😭😡😡


Ahh well. We are still fine tuning as much as possible and finding new ways to save money.


There’s always next year right?




Reach $100K in ETFs


Achieved = Yes ✅


We finished 2017 with over $125K in ETFs with plans to keep adding to that pile in 2018!




Release a Podcast Monthly


Achieved = No ❌


2017 has been the biggest year yet for the podcast. I missed three months (May, June, and November) where I didn’t release a podcast/audio post. 9/12 ain’t so bad. I’ll try to get one out each month in 2018 👊





Revamp Homepage


Achieved = No ❌


Really angry with myself for this one. I redesigned the homepage at the start of the year but I kept on putting it off because it wasn’t ‘perfect’. There are a few days left in 2017 whilst writing this. So I may publish it, but I most likely will have to do it next month. I wanted to make the homepage more user-friendly with a logic flow of what articles to read and a bit more direction.





Write More About Super


Achieved = No ❌


Wow, I’m doing terrible with these goals so far lol. Super was something requested a lot. I’m actually looking for some Super experts out there to come onto the podcast. So if you know of anyone please shoot me a message or leave a comment below.



2018 GOALS



The big financial goals are similar to last year

  • Obtain a savings rate of 65% or better
  • Reach $200K in ETFs
  • Get to $550K+ in net worth
  • Make monthly checks to the above goals as part of my monthly net worth posts

As far as website goals:

  • Redesign homepage and whole site
  • Find a Super expert to interview on the podcast
  • Update the Australian FIRE Calculator
  • Get to 500 Facebook likes


That should keep me pretty busy this year.



What about you? How did you go with your financial goals in 2017? And what goals are you setting for the next 12 months?



20 Responses to Financial Goals 2018

  1. I have a great super expert for you, she works with Jeremy Cooper, who undertook the major review of the system in 2010. I also know a fair bit too, having worked with the industry for a decade or more.

  2. Trish power from is the master. Not sure if she talks anymore though. Congrats on the 64%. We are somewhere in the mid forties going for high fifties this year.

  3. Yeah, some more stuff on Super would be… awesome. I have trouble getting my head around it all, no matter how much I read. Probably because lots of what I read is opinion and speculation about what will happen in the future. I’m about 20 years away from being able to access it, so not sure whether to just ignore it for 15 years or stay vigilant in the meantime.

    Another interesting topic is borrowing to invest. I think NAB or someone has introduced an easy way of getting people into the market with big loans, with the benefit being the interest you pay is tax deductible. It does my head in trying to work out whether it’s better to borrow and pay interest (but have larger amount working now), or save and invest only what you can earn.

    Thanks for keeping things interesting this year, I’ve enjoyed all your stuff. My goals this year are to get back on track with my FI date as there was a set back of sorts due to unplanned pregnancy (and maternity leave). Surprisingly it didn’t set us back too much, and our net worth kept going up… probably due to gains in super.

    My better half went back to work today, so we’ve set a goal for us each to save $1 on 1 January and increase it by a dollar a day till the target is to put $365 into savings on 31 December. I made it as far as 17 September last year, hopefully we can stretch that this year!

    • Super expert is coming!

      Borrowing to invest is an interesting one. If you’re making gainz, borrowing to invest is excellent (as long as the interest rate is acceptable).

      But if you make a loss… it’s also amplified. It’s a personal decision and your personal confidence that your investment will perform well.

      If it’s too confusing I’d say to not borrow to invest. If you make a mistake and have borrowed large amounts of money…it can be a disaster.

      Worst that can happen if you stuff up with your own money is you lose it.

      Congrats on the baby :).

      Nice challenge to keep things interesting.

      • Thanks AF! The reason I asked about borrowing to invest is because for years I’ve been subscribed to Noel Whittaker’s newsletter and in his last one he talked about it like it was the duck’s nuts. He didn’t mention the downside and didn’t elaborate on his reasons for spruiking it when I emailed him. Probably good advice to steer clear… no appetite for risk at the moment with a couple of kids to support!

        • It works wonders in a bull market. But can you survive financially and most importantly, mentally, in a bear market?

          With children to support…I’d be steering clear.

  4. Also gave you a like mate 🙂
    Only came across Aussie Firebug in December and have already smashed through all the podcast, love ’em! Looking forward to what you bring in 2018.
    I agree with Chris above that an episode on margin lending would make an interesting topic.
    Keep it up man.

  5. 64% wow you were so close. If only you didn’t have that last beer or that one meal out… regardless 64% is really an amazing amount to be saving so well done to you.
    You will really smash this years goals, you are killing it. Well done!

  6. Having just got into FIRE blogs, I am really appreciative of you are sharing with everyone. I just installed pocketbook app, it’s the best! Thankyou.

    • No worries.

      Pocketbook is fantastic. The app is great but I mainly use the website on a desktop, to be honest.

  7. AFB, you knew someone had to say it – “perfect is the enemy of done”! Just get it up, then tweak the remains. Congratulations on a massive year, really enjoying the podcast and seeing your wealth grow.

    • I KNOWWW! Angry with myself on that one. I kept saying that too.

      “Just get it up mate! Fix it after you get it on. It’s never going to be perfect..”

      I’m setting a deadline for this month! Watch this space!

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