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November 2017 Net Worth $411,918 (+$16,574)

November 2017 Net Worth $411,918 (+$16,574)

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…


Ahhh yes.


It’s that time of the year again.


When every conceivable marketing tactic known to mankind is deployed among the general public in hopes that you spend money on shit you don’t need because of some dude that was born a coupla thousand years ago…


And what about Black Friday the other week? Isn’t that an American thing for Thanksgiving???


I mean really! Do they honestly think we are going to spend even more when Christmas is just around the corner!


Ahhh haha umm yeah about that… We were sucked in harder than a tornado.


Well, not exactly but I did treat my beak to a new pair of Nikes because the discounts were just insane.


If you haven’t already, check out Oz Bargins. It’s basically a site dedicated to finding all sorts of deals within Australia. I bought my shoes that were on sale for $112! A pretty good deal I thought because I had been keeping my eye on these shoes for a few months now. I finally bit the bullet to buy and the site took another 40% off the already reduced price at checkout!!! Ho Ho Ho, Christmas had come early.


Mrs. FB was a savage over black Friday with the deals too. I had an RDO on the following Tuesday and the parcels just kept rocking up. Had around 4 deliveries before 10 AM.


A huge milestone for us this month, hitting and surpassing $400K! Woohoo

We hit it pretty much at the start of the month after being so frustratingly close last month.


It’s been insane the amount we have been able to add to our net worth this year. I had a rough estimate that we would be nearing $400K by the end of 2018. So to hit it at the end of 2017 is incredible.


We had an extra payday this month too which added another couple thousand to the pot.


Now we just have to get through the festival season with one more month to go before beginning a new year ?? where has the year gone???




Net Worth Update


Another stellar month for the stock market with both our ETFs and Super gaining healthy amounts. We had an extra payday in November too which bumped things up. I had an insurance claim come through for one of the properties after there was some damage caused by a tenant. It’s most likely all going to be spent so not really adding to net worth but the cash came in so I’m going to include it for this month at least.

$3K Super, $4K from an insurance claim, $3.3K ETF bump and around $10K was earnt.




No changes in the properties this month.



Various data sources (RP data, etc.) are used in combination of what similar surrounding properties were sold for to calculate an estimate. This is an official Commonwealth bank estimate and one which they use to approve loans.


Another great month with an additional $3.3 bump in cap gains for the ETFs.



18 Responses to November 2017 Net Worth $411,918 (+$16,574)

  1. I’m always on OzBargain, such a great website for finding deals in Australia which seem harder to do here than if you were in the USA.

    Otherwise, well done on your increase, you are always putting up great numbers that are excellent, keep up the great work! Loving these updates. Cheers

  2. Hi there. Really enjoy reading your monthly updates, it spurred me to start our own net worth tracker!

    Would love to know; if you were a home owner would you include your principal residence as an asset?

    • Glad you’re enjoying the monthly updates 🙂

      I do not consider a PPOR an asset. We want to own a home in the future for stability. But when that time comes, I won’t be including it as part of our net worth because I don’t consider it an asset.

      The reason being, that it doesn’t make money but costs a lot to hold. I would classify that as a liability.

  3. Hey Firebug, can you provide any more details on how you get your investment properties valued each money? I have an IP with NAB and when I enquired about ask them to value it so I can track its worth they were unable to do so.

    I seem to recall it was something your lendor offered for you?


    • Hi Ryhs,

      Commonwealth Bank just does it for me mate. They update every quarter or so what they believe the properties are worth and I just use that, even though I think they are worth a lot more (as does every property investor)

  4. Hi Firebug
    Just wondering, is your Cash holding, actually Cash eg Term Deposits etc.

    I know CBA has property valuations on their internet banking site, which they periodically update.


  5. Hi Firebug,

    I wanted to get your thoughts on VDHG compared to a VAS/VTS/VEU.

    1) Are you looking to transition to VDHG or stay with the VAS/VTS/VEU mix?

    2) is the lower MER VDHG > VAS/VTS/VEU worth it?

    • I have Vanguard booked to chat about this very topic in Jan. Keep an eye out for the podcast.

      1. Not at this stage. BUT! If anyone is asking me what ETF I would buy if I was to start over with hardly any financial knowledge…I would be going with VDGH for sure! It’s the one-stop shop holy grail for Australia ETF’s!

      2. I don’t think it is but the simplicity for newcomers cannot be overlooked. Especially the whole 8-ben forms for VTS and rebalancing etc.

  6. quick question. what is the reason for you to keep track of networth since you cannot cash in the properties unless you sell them? i personnally see 40% difference when i dont take into account my properties

    • Hi,

      Keeping track of my net worth for me is about accountability and motivation.

      The properties provide cash without selling through rent and equity. Investment properties should be included in everyone’s net worth.

      Hope that answers your questions.


    • I didn’t originally because I wanted to see the dividends hit my account. But I might switch them on now for the ETFs that offer it.

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