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Question (03:29)

Hi Firebug

Great Content!

I have a Market Timing / Crystal Ball forecasting question!

Do you employ any strategies of buying shares prior to the Ex-Dividend date deliberately to be entitled to the dividend payment and or franking credits with the 45-day ownership rule or buying shares immediately after the Ex-Dividend date to buy the shares at a price point normally lower than the price prior to the Ex-Dividend date?



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Question (10:00)

Hey mate,

I just stumbled across your podcast today and honestly mate, I’ve never felt like anyone thought the same way as me, it was like you were in my head. I’ve felt like I know I need to invest to achieve financial freedom but as you say when you have mortgages etc you always find a reason not to.

I’m keen on getting into ETF’s as you suggest on your podcast but still am unsure on how and where to start. Don’t wanna buy the wrong one etc.

I wanna set and forget, I am a good and dedicated saver and I think I can make it work. But how do you know if your pouring massive amounts of money into the ETF’s that you don’t lose it all if it takes a turn wiping out all that you’ve worked for leaving you with nothing?

Nick, Gippsland

Firebug’s Answer

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Question (27:58)

Hi Aussie FIRE Bug

If you were to buy a house would you use Peter Thornhill’s strategy to pay off the house earlier? I am referring to, using the equity in the home to borrow a line of credit to borrow shares. Then using the dividends to pay off the house.

Is this as good as it sounds?

Thanks for putting this blog together. I have learnt so much and I’m so excited to achieve FIRE one day.

Kind Regards


Firebug’s Answer

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