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Hey AFB,

I’ve been studying the pros and cons of investing in property Vs shares, what I have read is confusing to me. Can I simply set up an account with Vanguard for example and invest say $10,000 a year every year and leave it alone? Or do I need to know what’s happening and make changes every so often?


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Property VS Shares

Question (12:50)


Loving your website. I am 46 with a family of 4 and have been chipping away at FIRE for some time. Looking close to my goals, but came across this article. Given the risk of a bear market in the next decade, what do you think about the safety net of the higher benchmark of the 3% rule?



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Ben Felix talking to the creator of the 4% rule (William Bengen) and how he has actually increased it to 5% giving the current financial environment

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Question (21:38)


I was wondering how you and Mrs FB were managing your super while in the UK? The Mrs and I spent 2 years living and working in the UK, like a lot of Aussies. We contributed to a UK pension while we were there as it was the default for the company I was working with and only found out later we could opt out. When we returned home last year we tried transferring our pension to our Aussie super however were told we couldn’t due to recent changes in UK legislation. Have heard of any workarounds on this?



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