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Nothing written below is financial advice. The below questions and answers are for general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice. You should always do your own research when making any financial decisions.

Today I’m joined by my good friend and fellow FIRE blogger and podcaster Pat from and the FIRE & Chill Podcast. The theme of today’s Q&A podcast is focusing on buying your first home.



Question 1 (00:09:42)

Hi Aussie Firebug,

First off I just want to say I absolutely love your podcast. My partner and I want to buy a house we’re terrified that the market is way overpriced and it’s going to come tumbling down after we buy. I know they say don’t try and time the market, but we can’t help but feel this recent boom isn’t sustainable. What would you do if you were in our position?

Cheers, Rebecca


Question 2 (00:17:56)


Have you ever dealt with underquoting before? It’s extremely disheartening to go to an auction and be outbid within the first 30 seconds. Buying a home in Australia is so emotionally draining 🙁

Congrats on the wedding btw – Kate


Question 3 (00:30:50)

Have you ever used a buyer’s agent mate? Pros/Cons? I was quoted around $10K which seems ridiculous – Anon


Question 4 (00:37:47)

Hi Firebug,

I know you’re more of a shares kind of guy these days but I also know from your blog that you’ve bought three investment properties before.

We’re having issues with trusting what real estate agents are telling us. Sometimes we get outbid by phantom buyers and we have no idea if it’s true or if the agent is just pushing up the price.

Any tips?

Thanks, Brett


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