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We have officially started our Summer Euro trip! Mrs FB and I have embarked on a two-month adventure around Europe and the Middle East.

We have sublet our apartment in London and with Mrs FB being on school holidays and the beauty of contract work, I can take off as much time as I need. I won’t get paid of course but the whole point of packing up shop and moving to another country was to see as much stuff as humanly possible. It is hard passing up £20,000 pounds (or ~$35K AUD) for the next two months but we’re in our YOLO phase right now so the race to FIRE will just have to wait 😝.

We first hit up South West England stopping off to such places like Bath, the Cotswolds, Oxford, St Ives and some others too.

Here are some shots.

Some rocks

Ancient Roman baths that are around 2000 years old!

St Michael’s Mount- Epic castle with stunning views at the top

England’s countryside is absolutely gorgeous and I really liked the architecture and style of the buildings. It was good to do it in summer though, I couldn’t really imagine it would be that enjoyable when it’s raining.

Frugal tip: If you want to go to Stonehenge, there’s a way to see it for free and save around £25 pounds (~$49 AUD). Go to this spot and hang a left to drive or walk all the way up to Stonehenge using this path.

You stand about 10 meters further away than the official tour group path but it doesn’t make a real difference unless you really want to stand a bit closer.


Our next stop and where I’m currently finishing up this post actually is Spain.

We visited Madrid and are currently in Calpe with Barcelona being our next stop tomorrow.

We have loved the tapas, weather, culture and history that Spain offers. Here are some shots:

Calpe resort. Only $95 AUD per person a night

Madrid Cathedral

Sunset in Madrid

Something very special happened in Spain too…

I’ve been planning this for a while and have probably have dragged my feet a bit (it’s been nearly 9 years)…

I asked Mrs FB to marry me and she said YES 💍🎉!!!

I couldn’t be any happier and it’s the perfect way to start our Euro summer trip. Now we just have to plan the wedding 😁💸

Net Worth Update

We have broken the $700K mark!

The ASX has been on a RAMPAGE lately. We saw an all-time high in July and with the cash rate looking to be cut again, who knows where it will end up by years end.

We have had a great month even though I didn’t actually get paid in the month of July. I have two big contractor paychecks coming in over the next two months. One was meant to be paid in July but there was an issue with it (long story) so it wasn’t approved until the middle of June. I think I’ll get it any day now but it means the August update might have a big bump.

I still owe a heap of tax both in the UK and in Australia so I’m expecting to be down thousands very soon.

Extremely happy with how things are travelling along though, especially since we are on holidays.

You really don’t have to spend a lot when you travel as I’ve discovered this year. So many people just go crazy and feel they need to spend up big to fully enjoy themselves. Eating out at restaurants every day/night is one of the biggest spending traps. There nothing wrong with taking a packed lunch and cooking at your Air BnB or hotel. Eating out once or twice is great for sure, especially to enjoy the local cuisine but goddam you spend a lot if you do it every day!


No changes in the properties this month.

Property 1 was sold in August 2018


Various data sources (RP data, etc.) are used in combination of what similar surrounding properties were sold for to calculate an estimate. This is an official Commonwealth bank estimate and one which they use to approve loans.



Holy Mackrel!

Over three per cent return in just one month including over $2K worth of dividends 😱

The share portfolio is inching closer and closer to providing us with the income upon which we will live off once we hit FIRE. It’s so exciting to watch the dividends grow each quarter which is what investing IMO should be. Building that snowball up every day until it reaches critical mass.

The investment nerd side of me could stare at that graph for hours!



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