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This is my official list of recommended resources to help you on your journey towards FIRE!

I will only ever recommend a service or product if I have personally used it or have a thorough understanding of what they do and how they operate. If I think the company or service can assist you in reaching financial independence, I will recommend them and may include an affiliate link.

I will never recommend a service or product I don’t believe in.

Affiliate commissions help me continue running and maintaining


Tracking/Tax Reporting



If you’re an Aussie that invests in the sharemarket, you need Sharesight. The most comprehensive portfolio and tax reporting tax available that make tax returns incredibly simple. The software takes everything into consideration such as franking credits, currency movements and anything else that may affect returns. Sharesight paints a true picture and is a fantastic tool for comparing historic returns from multiple funds against each other. And the best thing about Sharesight is that it’s free if you have no more than 10 holdings. Find out more about Sharesight by listening to a podcast I did with them.


My number one piece of advice for anyone asking me about saving money has always been to track your expenses! You don’t have to do anything else other than that and I guarantee you that you’ll save money by doing so. I have been using Pocketbook since 2012 and it makes categorizing expenses and seeing how much I spend in a week/month/year super easy. This is an imperative step in the journey to FIRE. If you don’t know how much you spend each month/year, how do you know how much you need in passive income to reach financial independence? You don’t! The Earlier you start tracking the better. Pocketbook integrates directly to your online bank and performs a lot of the leg work for you.




Vanguard (ETF)


One of the worlds most reputable index-tracking investment companies. Super low fees and a rock-solid track record of more than 40 years in the business. It’s easy to see why the likes of Warren Buffet has been on record saying investing with a passive index tracker like Vanguard is probably the best investment for the majority of people.

BetaShares (ETF)

BetaShares1An Australian investment company that is one of the leading managers of ETFs with over 44 ETF products for investors to invest in and managing more than 6.4 billion dollars of assets.

Betashares offer what I consider to be the best Australian based ETF in the world, which is none other than A200. This ETF boasts an incredible MER of 0.07% which makes it the lowest management fee of any Australian ETF ever!

Milton:MLT (LIC)

Low-cost high cash flow listed investment company which we personally invest in. You can see why we choose to include Milton in our portfolio in a post about our investment strategy.


Australian Foundation Investment Co:AFI (LIC)

Another Low-cost high cash flow listed investment company which we personally invest in. AFI also have the added benefit of DSSP. You can see why we choose to include AFI in our portfolio in a post about our investment strategy.



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