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The Aussie Firebug podcast is the financial independence podcast for Australian’s where I interview clever people who have already reached or are on their way to financial independence.


Episode 1. Ben EveringhamJourney towards FIRE and the importance of starting a business

Episode 2. Mad Fientist Famous US FIRE blogger with over 50,000+ subscribers

Episode 3. Detrimental12Millenials towards FIRE through property, shares, and business

Episode 4. Stockspot  Australian Fintech robo-advising company helping people invest

Episode 5. Chris Young Australian on his way towards financial independence

Episode 6. Steven Ryan –  2015 Property Investor Of The Year

Episode 7. Mrs Firebug The other half of the Firebug couples perspective on FIRE

Episode 8. Jayden Vecchio – Jayden from the Rentvesting Podcast

Episode 9. Pat – Australian FI blogger Pat the shuffler

Episode 10. Serina Huang – Ms Frugal Ears

Episode 11. SelfWealth – Managing Director of online investing tool SelfWealth

Episode 12. Nick – Embrace the average! Father of 3 on the way to FI

Episode 13. PatPat the shuffler goes mainstream!

Episode 14. VanguardOne of the worlds best providers of ETFs

Episode 15. BetaShares Australian investment company

Episode 16. Dave Strong Money Australia – FIRE Blogger

Episode 17. Generation Life Investing for children – Investment Bonds

Episode 18. Sharesight Portfolio Reporting (helps with tax returns)

Episode 19. Peter Thornhill Best selling author and father of Aussie LIC investing

Episode 20. Nathan Birch Property mogul with over 200 properties who retired at 24

Episode 21. My Mate Jimmy Someone Discovers AFB Identity!

Episode 22. Matched Betting Bonus Bank

Episode 23. The Escape Artist Famous FIRE blogger from the UK

Episode 24. Playing with FIRE (Documentary) Fellow Aussies Tom and Ricky join me to discuss the London Premiere

Episode 25. Ted Richards AFL Premiership player turned director of business development at SixPark

Episode 26. Making Money On YouTube Brandon from the Aussie Wealth Creation Channel

Episode 27. Super and FIRE Super and its role in the FIRE journey for Australians

Episode 28. Coronavirus Market Crash with Peter Thornhill Peter shares timeless wisdom and why we should continue to invest during this pandemic

Episode 29. Starting an Online Business Sam from Games Like

Episode 30. FI/RE & Chill New Aussie FIRE Podcast with Pat and Dave

Episode 31. Early Access to Super A deep dive on when accessing your Super early can be beneficial

Episode 32. Dev Raga A doctor from Melbourne on the road to FIRE

Episode 33. Can’t stop, won’t stop, GameStop! Reddit vs Wallstreet

Episode 34. Aussie HIFIRE Financial independence with a high income in retirement

Episode 35. Lacey Filipich Author of ‘Money School’

Episode 36. Glen James Host of My Millennial Money

Episode 37. Katy Wealthy Winters FIRE Blogger

Episode 38. Kurt Co-founder of investment platform Pearler

Episode 39. Ben Going off-grid and sustainable living

Episode 40. Ben NAB Equity Builder

Episode 41. Tina from Money Flamingo A different way to approach FIRE

Episode 42. Owen Raszkiewicz Value Investing

Episode 43. Finn Peacock Solar Energy

Episode 44. Bryce & Alec Equity Mates

Episode 45. Paul Benson Are Financial Planners worth the money?

Episode 46. Terry Waugh Structuring (Investing through a trust/company/personal name)

Episode 47. Ruth The Happy Saver

Episode 48. Chi Lam The redesigned life of a property investor

Episode 49. Vijay Boyapati The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Episode 50. Julia Druery The Importance of Insurances

Episode 51. Luke Freeman Effective Altruism

Episode 52. Scott Phillips The Motley Fool

Episode 53. J. MONEY Budgets Are Sexy

Episode 54. Terry & Ryan Passive Income Project

Episode 55. John Pidgeon Investing in Property and Tips for First Home Buyers

Episode 56. Mrs Firebug Semi-retirement

Episode 57. Bill PerkinsDie with Zero

Episode 58. Mark MonfortCrypto, Web3 and DeFi

Episode 59. Terry WaughDebt Recycling

Episode 60. Second Hand Electric Vehicles Good Car Co.

Episode 61. Matt Ridley The Rational Optimist

Episode 62. Phil Harvey Independent Financial Advice

Episode 63. Terry Waugh Succession Planning

Episode 64. Jeremy Starting Your Career: Big4 vs Gov

Episode 65. Tim Forcey My Efficient Electric Home (MEEH)

Episode 66. Scott O’Neill Self-made $300K in passive income by 28. Marketing BS or the real deal?

Episode 67. Noel Whittaker Australian Personal Finance Legend

Episode 68. Cameron Murray Scrapping Super, Affordable Housing, Inflation and Political Corruption

Episode 69. Luke FinFest 2022 & Sydney FIRE Meet-up

Episode 70. Brad Smith Starting a Company at 18

Episode 71. Steve McKnight From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years

Episode 72. Dave Gow Strong Money Australia Book

Episode 73. Kate Campbell The Importance of Taking Calculated Risks

Episode 74. Jeff Speck Walkable City

Episode 75. Scott O’Neill Commercial Property Investing

Episode 76. Tim Washington Vehicle-to-Grid and the Energy Network of the Future

Episode 77. Liz Thames Mrs Frugalwoods

Episode 78. The Mad FientistLife After Financial Independence

Episode 79. Queenie TanInvest with Queenie

Episode 80. Scott Phillips vs Cameron MurraySuper Changes Debate – Part 1

Episode 81. Scott Phillips vs Cameron MurraySuper Changes Debate – Part 2

Episode 82. Dr Toni Lindsay The Certainty Myth

Episode 83. Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley The Property Couch

Episode 84. Tony My Dad

Episode 85. Mr. 1500 Retired Early at 43

Episode 86. FIRE/Life Update

Episode 87. Clayton My Accountant

Episode 88. Captain FI Financially free at 29

Episode 89. Terry Wealth Time Freedom (WTF)

Episode 90. Ana Kresina Kids Ain’t Cheap

Episode 91. Amy and Matt FI Freedom Retreats

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