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My guest today is Scott Phillips – a Sydney based investor with over 20 years experience. Scott holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma of Accounting but is most famous for his role as Chief Investment Officer of The Motley Fool Australia. This is a monster episode where we dive deep into many different areas of investing.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Where does it all begin with Scott Phillips and finance? (00:05:10)
  • How and when did Scott start investing? (00:14:31)
  • What does Scott invest in these days and what is his investing style/philosophy? (00:16:30)
  • Is there a significant difference between getting income from dividends or selling down shares? (00:26:48)
  • How do you identify a good company and what methods do you use? (00:31:43)
  • Structuring investments for children. (00:35:57)
  • Was financial independence ever a goal for Scott? (0038:51)
  • What does Scott make of this low-interest-rate world we are currently living in? (00:51:02)
  • Does Scott think Australia is in a housing bubble? (00:54:20)
  • What are Scott’s thoughts on Cryptocurrency and NFT’s? (01:06:34)



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