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Today I’m chatting with chemical engineer/home energy advisor Tim Forcey. He’s probably known best in the FIRE community for creating the extremely popular Facebook group, My Efficient Electric Home (MEEH) which currently has over 65,000 members.

One of the most common traits in FIRE community is hyper efficiency of everything we spend money on, so I was very excited personally to have Tim on the show, especially with energy prices creeping higher and higher.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • What made Tim become a home energy advisor? (00:02:25)
  • What are the low hanging fruits to make our homes more energy efficient? (00:08:42)
  • Is it true that electric air-conditioners are cheaper to run than gas systems for heating your home? (00:11:07)
  • What is the “thermal envelope” and why is it important? (00:25:06)
  • Building regulations in Australia and what Tim would mandate if he were in charge (00:37:46)
  • What are heat pumps, how do they work and why has gas heating been so popular? (00:44:21)
  • Tim’s thoughts on solar energy and home batteries (00:52:12)
  • The story behind “My Efficient Electric Home (MEEH)” Facebook group (01:00:50)


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