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I have an interesting episode for you guys today and I think you’re really going to like it. My guest today is Scott O’Neill. Scott bought his first investment property in 2010 with a $60K deposit after saving for 5 years. Just 8 years later, Scott and his wife had 28 properties generating $300K of profit each year plus around $7Million of equity. And Scott is very adamant that he didn’t receive any financial help, gifts, inheritance, living at home rent-free until his late 20’s etc. He’s self-made and agreed for me to dive deeply into exactly how he managed to do it.

Some of the topics we talk about today are:

  • Scott’s background. What type of socioeconomic situation did he come from? (00:06:24)
  • How did Scott come to be an investor? (00:11:41)
  • The schools Scott attended and what type of career he had once he graduated from uni? (00:14:13)
  • A timeline of Scott and his wife’s salary and savings rate during those 8 years from 2010 to 2018 (00:17:15)
  • How did the banks let him and his wife load up on that much debt? Especially during the APRA crackdown in the early/mid-2010s. (00:42:04)
  • How much of their success does Scott attribute to timing and luck vs skill and hard work? (01:00:26)
  • How much he personally draws from his buyer agency business even after reaching financial independence? (01:13:39)


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