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Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Kurt to the show.

Kurt is the co-founder of the online brokerage company Pearler. We talk about Kurt’s relationship with money, how and why Pearler was started and what it takes to get a fintech startup off the ground.

Some of the topics in today’s episode include:

  • Kurt’s upbringing in an entrepreneurial family. His relationship with money/investing and his personal investing goal & strategy.
  • The inspiration behind the creation of Pearler.
  • The psychology of money & investing. Meaningful work and the ultimate benefits of financial independence.
  • What sets Pearler apart from the pack.
  • What’s involved in starting and building a company like Pearler?
  • Where does the money come from?
  • Angel investing, founder accelerator programs & building out a fintech team.


Show Notes



Heads up grammar police, the following transcription is half human half machine and not 100% perfect so expect a few typos and errors…

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