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In this episode we’re not talking about money or investing but rather touching on the sustainable side of the FIRE movement. Today my guest is Anthony Broese van Groenou, a sustainability expert, environmental scientist, PhD researcher and the co-founder of the Good Car Co. This company’s goal is to accelerate the uptake of Electric Vehicles in Australia by offering second-hand EVs at an affordable price.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Who is Anthony Broese van Groenou and what is the story behind the Good Car Co.? (03:24)
  • What options are there now for Australians who want to purchase an EV? (07:11)
  • What is the price range in Australia for second-hand EV’s atm? (12:44)
  • One of the most exciting features of EVs in my opinion is the two-way charging capabilities. What does this mean and what are the benefits? (20:27)
  • How much can an average Aussie expect to save on fuel and maintenance costs with an EV? (30:10)
  • How long does an EV battery last and what is the replacement cost? (31:46)
  • What about EV battery warranties – do they get passed on to the second-hand car owner? (34:54)
  • Do EV’s actually lower CO2 emissions when you factor in everything it takes to actually make the car and the battery? (44:20)


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