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In today’s episode, I’m speaking with two other Aussie’s (Tom and Ricky) who were with me at the premiere of the FIRE documentary ‘Playing with FIRE’ which follows 35 year old Scott Rickens, his wife Taylor, and their toddler Jovi as they embark on a year-long odyssey to understand the rules of this sub-culture and test their willingness to reject the standard narrative of adult life.

I want to congratulate Travis and the whole team who was involved in the creation of Playing with FIRE. The film is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone as it’s a super interesting documentary starring so many of our favourite FIRE bloggers and was surprisingly very funny as well.

Some of the topics we cover today include:

  • The events that lead up to the Premiere
  • Our initial thoughts after watching the film
  • Things we liked and things we wanted to see more of in the documentary
  • Talked about how hard it must have been to fit an entire concept like FIRE within 90 minutes
  • The Q&A session after the film

And pretty much everything else we ended up talking about!

Show Notes

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