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Today I’m speaking with Julia Druery, a mum of two, living on the Gold Coast who was studying to become a financial advisor before a tragic event hit her family back in 2016. Julia’s husband Kent suffered from an acquired brain injury which left him with several permanent disabilities and no longer able to work. Thankfully Kent had various insurances in place before the injury which helped to relieve the financial pressure of this life changing event.

Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Julia shares the story of her husband Kent’s acquired brain injury. (08:54)
  • What was the process of claiming insurance payments after the injury occurred? (12:03)
  • What is trauma insurance and is it included in default super cover? (17:25)
  • Why is lifestyle an important consideration when making insurance decisions? (27:16)
  • How much does all this cover cost and is it really worth it? (30:32)
  • How has Julia & Kent’s insurance cover impacted their lifestyle today? (35:01)
  • Julia’s personal experience with debt recycling. (48:18)



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