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Aussie Firebug has been discovered!

Late last year I woke up to a message from someone who lived in the same town as me saying they knew I was the Aussie Firebug and that my secret was safe with them…

I immediately jumped to the worse conclusion thinking maybe my boss had figured it all out 😱.

But it ended up being my mate from high school who as it turned out, was just as crazy about all things personal finance and investing as I am! It was my mate, Jimmy!

We’ve had countless chats at the pub multiple times about a whole bunch of stuff since that faithful message.

Today’s episode is two mates who went to high school together having a good old yarn about financial independence, investing, ETFs/LICs and much more.

Some of the topics we cover today include:

  • How Jimmy discovered my alter ego ‘Aussie Firebug’
  • Jimmy’s story about financial independence
  • Real estate investing
  • How Peter Thornhill ‘cleared the fog’ for investing in shares
  • Jimmy’s strategy that looks at the number of units of a fund as opposed to what the fund is worth when setting the target
  • ETFs/LICs

And much more!


Show Notes

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