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Today I’m speaking with Paul Benson from the Financial Autonomy podcast. Paul is a tertiary-educated financial planner with over 20 years of experience. We talk about the role of a financial planner and Paul gives us some real-life examples of how financial planners are able to assist us with our FIRE journeys.

Some of the topics in today’s episode include:

  • What exactly is a financial planner?
  • Why do financial planners have a bad rep in the FIRE community?
  • How much does a financial planner actually cost and what should you expect for that fee?
  • How do financial planners get paid and how do you tell a good financial planner from a bad one?
  • If someone already has a dialled-in FIRE plan, where is the value in paying a financial planner?
  • How to find a good financial planner. Is there a financial planner directory in Australia?
  • What questions should you ask and what to avoid when choosing a financial planner?





Heads up grammar police, the following transcription is half human half machine and not 100% perfect so expect a few typos and errors…

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