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Today I’m interviewing Ben, a 34-year-old husband & father hailing from South Australia who is well on his way to reaching financial independence.

Ben reached out to me via my website and offered to share his personal experience with the NAB Equity Builder. This is a really popular financial product that often appears on financial forums so I thought it was a great opportunity to find out what it’s really like. We take a deep dive into the pros & cons of the NAB Equity Builder and how Ben and his wife are using it as a significant part of their journey to FIRE.

Some of the topics in today’s episode include:

  • Ben’s backstory and why he chose to invest in shares using the NAB Equity Builder.
  • What is the NAB Equity Builder and how does it work?
  • Margin calls, LVR and what makes the NAB EB different from other margin loans.
  • The NAB EB interest rate, fees and application process. Who actually owns the shares?
  • How much Ben borrowed to get started and what he used as collateral.
  • What extra gains has Ben made using the NAB EB over the last couple of years?





Heads up grammar police, the following transcription is half human half machine and not 100% perfect so expect a few typos and errors…

Coming soon…

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