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Bills, bills, bills, bills, bills!

Another slow(ish) month with a lot of unsuspecting bills cropping up. I have compared my spending/bills with last years and March to June is a lot less bills so I’m hoping that it is true this time around too and I am able to save heaps.

I had one of my IP’s go up a bit the other month but other than that it’s been really quiet. My first IP has not risen in value for over a year now. Maybe signs of the market slowing down? Or maybe Commonwealth Bank are not updating their valuations as regularly as before?

It hasn’t bothered me anyway. I don’t think I’m going to use equity for a while. Just going to save like crazy. I will still pull the equity out, if it’s there and dump it into the offset because there is no reason not to have those funds available in case I need them. But I want to keep my cash flow position as strong as possible because I have a feeling that it might be bargain season soon and I intend to pounce if/when the market dips/crashes.

I’m going to be sitting on a lot of cash (currently at 16%) in the coming months. This may seem high to others but you have to remember that my cash does not sit in a HISA, it’s in an offset which is returning more than a HISA (my interest rates are around 4.6%). 4.6% is a decent return for cash so I’m happy with that at the moment. Plus with property there is always the possibility of something big breaking or something happening which could mean some $$$ upfront real quick.





[wp_charts title=”linechart” type=”line” align=”alignleft” width = “100%” datasets=”-36000,-36000, -32000,-7000,20000,32000,45000,65000,83254,130000, 186000″ labels=”1-Jan-2011,1-Jul-2011,1-Jan-2012,1-Jul-2012,1-Jan-2013,1-Jul-2013,1-Jan-2014,1-Jul-2014,1-Jan-2015,1-Jul-2015,1-Dec-2015″]

Date Rolling NetWorth $ Change % Change Notes
1-Jan-2011 -$36,000 $0 0.00% HECCS debt
1-Jan-2012 -$32,000 $4,000 0.00% Started Full-time work late Nov
1-Jan-2013 $20,000 $52,000 0.00% Built property and recieved FHOG ($21,000)
1-Jan-2014 $45,000 $25,000 125.00%
1-Jan-2015 $83,254 $38,254 85.01% Bought second IP
17-Feb-2015 $110,215 $26,961 32.38%
18-Feb-2015 $121,541 $11,326 10.28%  IP’s re-valued
4-Mar-2015 $123,715 $2,174 1.79%
18-Mar-2015 $122,128 -$1,587 -1.28% Paid for holiday
15-Apr-2015 $125,906 $3,778 3.09% Withdrew equity from property
14-May-2015 $127,906 $2,001 1.59%
18-Jun-2015 $131,904 $3,998 3.13%
21-Jun-2015 $152,904 $21,000 15.92% IP’s re-valued
12-Jul-2015 $159,904 $7,000 4.58% Paid 4K off HECS Debt
23-Jul-2015 $161,904 $2,000 1.25%
31-Aug-2015 $167,904 $6,000 3.71%
31-Sep-2015 $170,110 $2,205 1.31%  Car went out of Portfolio, Bought IP 3, Super went up and one IP went up
 31-Oct-2015 $171,376 $1,265  0.74%  Big bills. Not much saved.
30-Nov-2015 $173,263 $1,887 1.10% Super went down slightly
31-Dec-2015 $186,910 $13,648 7.88% IP went up in value
12-Jan-2016  $187,910  $1,000  0.54%  Some big bills
2-Feb-2016  $189,910  $2,000  1.06%  Bills (again)


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Download my personal spreadsheet I use to calculate my net worth each month