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I had nearly two weeks off work for the school holidays this year. I didn’t go anywhere but just felt like a break. I didn’t do a really great job saving during this time either.

It’s funny because when I’m at work, I have such a schedule that I stick to and routine. I cook ‘X’ on Sunday that will last me until Saturday and all my snacks are planned out and bought at the start of the week. And of course the majority of my time is taken up by work which means it’s hard to spend any money of anything else.

But when I’m not at work and my days aren’t as planned, I end up spending heaps more money. I get bored. Suddenly eating out isn’t as bad and sounds more appealing when you have nothing better to do.

This is something I need to address if I am ever to reach early retirement. I don’t want my expenses creeping up just because I’m not at work!

I have started to get curious as to what my properties prices really are now because as you may have read on my previous posts. They have sat on the same value for quite some time now. I have enquired about a valuation with my broker and am waiting to hear back from him. Hopefully this will trigger Commbank to re-value my IP’s…


Neatly at the $200K mark too! I really wanted to get to quarter of a million before the end of the year but it’s looking unlikely. We shall see.





[wp_charts title=”linechart” type=”line” align=”alignleft” width = “100%” datasets=”-36000,-36000, -32000,-7000,20000,32000,45000,65000,83254,130000, 186000″ labels=”1-Jan-2011,1-Jul-2011,1-Jan-2012,1-Jul-2012,1-Jan-2013,1-Jul-2013,1-Jan-2014,1-Jul-2014,1-Jan-2015,1-Jul-2015,1-Dec-2015″]

Date Rolling NetWorth $ Change % Change Notes
1-Jan-2011 -$36,000 $0 0.00% HECCS debt
1-Jan-2012 -$32,000 $4,000 0.00% Started Full-time work late Nov
1-Jan-2013 $20,000 $52,000 0.00% Built property and recieved FHOG ($21,000)
1-Jan-2014 $45,000 $25,000 125.00%
1-Jan-2015 $83,254 $38,254 85.01% Bought second IP
17-Feb-2015 $110,215 $26,961 32.38%
18-Feb-2015 $121,541 $11,326 10.28%  IP’s re-valued
4-Mar-2015 $123,715 $2,174 1.79%
18-Mar-2015 $122,128 -$1,587 -1.28% Paid for holiday
15-Apr-2015 $125,906 $3,778 3.09% Withdrew equity from property
14-May-2015 $127,906 $2,001 1.59%
18-Jun-2015 $131,904 $3,998 3.13%
21-Jun-2015 $152,904 $21,000 15.92% IP’s re-valued
12-Jul-2015 $159,904 $7,000 4.58% Paid 4K off HECS Debt
23-Jul-2015 $161,904 $2,000 1.25%
31-Aug-2015 $167,904 $6,000 3.71%
31-Sep-2015 $170,110 $2,205 1.31%  Car went out of Portfolio, Bought IP 3, Super went up and one IP went up
 31-Oct-2015 $171,376 $1,265  0.74%  Big bills. Not much saved.
30-Nov-2015 $173,263 $1,887 1.10% Super went down slightly
31-Dec-2015 $186,910 $13,648 7.88% IP went up in value
12-Jan-2016  $187,910  $1,000  0.54%  Some big bills
2-Feb-2016  $189,910  $2,000  1.06%  Bills (again)
1-Mar-2016  $191,410  $1,500  0.79%  Didn’t save very well


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