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Big jump this month with over $28K…well sort of.

Let me explain.


Firstly, I finally got around to updating my Super which has gone up around $6K since I last updated it. So that’s quite a jump there.
Secondly, my properties have rebounded a bit.





*sourced from Commonwealth bank valuations/RP Data

I have not been one to get valuations done monthly or anything like that. I usually try to do it annually or if I’m applying for another loan (in which the banks usually do a reassessment of the valuation anyway).

However, over the last couple of months my online valuation tool offered by Commbank has been very active. Sometimes the tool (which gathers data from various buy/sell information of similar properties and using RP Data) would not change a valuation on a properties for over 12 months! But lately it has been very active. Majority of the time you won’t see a change in my properties value in my monthly net worth updates because they usually don’t change that often. But when they do I include them in the update because as you can see, the swings they created in my net worth are substantial.


I managed to save a bit of cash too which was nice.

And I managed to break into the $200K club Woohoo!


I set myself the goal of reaching quarter of a mill ($250K) by the end of the year which seems more achievable now.

Time will tell.








[wp_charts title=”linechart” type=”line” align=”alignleft” width = “100%” datasets=”-36000,-36000, -32000,-7000,20000,32000,45000,65000,83254,130000, 187910″ labels=”1-Jan-2011,1-Jul-2011,1-Jan-2012,1-Jul-2012,1-Jan-2013,1-Jul-2013,1-Jan-2014,1-Jul-2014,1-Jan-2015,1-Jul-2015,1-Jan-2016″]

Date Rolling NetWorth $ Change % Change Notes
 1-Jan-2011  -$36,000  $0  0.00% HECCS debt
 1-Jan-2012  -$32,000  $4,000  0.00% Started Full-time work late Nov
 1-Jan-2013  $20,000  $52,000  0.00% Built property and recieved FHOG ($21,000)
 1-Jan-2014  $45,000  $25,000  125.00%
 1-Jan-2015  $83,254  $38,254  85.01% Bought second IP
 17-Feb-2015  $110,215  $26,961  32.38%
 18-Feb-2015  $121,541  $11,326  10.28%  IP’s re-valued
 4-Mar-2015  $123,715  $2,174  1.79%
 18-Mar-2015  $122,128  -$1,587  -1.28% Paid for holiday
 15-Apr-2015  $125,906  $3,778  3.09% Withdrew equity from property
 14-May-2015  $127,906  $2,001  1.59%
 18-Jun-2015  $131,904  $3,998  3.13%
 21-Jun-2015  $152,904  $21,000  15.92% IP’s re-valued
 12-Jul-2015  $159,904  $7,000  4.58% Paid 4K off HECS Debt
 23-Jul-2015  $161,904  $2,000  1.25%
 31-Aug-2015  $167,904  $6,000  3.71%
 31-Sep-2015  $170,110  $2,205  1.31%  Car went out of Portfolio, Bought IP 3, Super went up and one IP went up
 31-Oct-2015  $171,376  $1,265  0.74%  Big bills. Not much saved.
 30-Nov-2015  $173,263  $1,887  1.10% Super went down slightly
 31-Dec-2015  $186,910  $13,648  7.88% IP went up in value
12-Jan-2016  $187,910  $1,000  0.54%  Some big bills
2-Feb-2016  $189,910  $2,000  1.06%  Bills (again)
1-Mar-2016  $191,410  $1,500  0.79%  Didn’t save very well
1-Apr-2016  $193,410  $2,000  1.04%  Steady month
1-May-2016 $182,410  -$11,000  -5.69%  Two IP’s went down.
1-Jun-2016  $211,010  $28,600  15.68%  All 3 IP’s went up and super was updated


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Download My Networth Sheet

Download my personal spreadsheet I use to calculate my net worth each month