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This month has really been the journey of the missing Super.


Finding Super

As I was preparing for this months net worth update.


I began happily peering over our asset column on the spreadsheet I maintain which lists all Mr. and Mrs. Firebug’s assets worth, less their debt (if they have any attached).


The Super column for Mrs Firebug seem way too low. I had not noticed this before but I was certain that it should have been higher.


Well, it turns out that Mrs FB had multiple Super accounts that needed to be rolled over from previous jobs!
She had around $17K of Super from previous jobs.


For anyone that doesn’t understand what this means. Let me explain it really quickly.


It’s possible to have Super in multiple funds. This usually happens because you jump from job to job and each job’s payroll automatically put you in their default Super fund. Over time you may have changed jobs a bit and that will most likely mean that you have Super in multiple accounts. This is bad because you’re paying fees and sometimes insurances (life insurance for example) multiple times when you could just have all your money in one account and pay it once. When you consolidate your Super funds into one it is referred to as rolling your Super over.


The process to rollover your Super is so incredibly simple that I urge you to do it just in case. All you have to do is ring or email your current Super company and ask if they can investigate lost Super on your behalf…That’s it!


It took 2 weeks and she received a letter from her Super company with three other Super accounts that were being rolled over.


Could not have been easier.


So easy in fact that she suggested I should give my Super company a ring to see if I had any floating around out there.



“Sweety! Plez. I run a personal finance blog. You don’t think I had this covered off years ago? This is something only n00bs do. I’ll do it for shits and giggles but they ain’t ganna find anything I guarantee you”


**Fast forward 2 weeks**



Turns out that I had around $3K out there from a job I’d completely forgotten about when I was 16


Moral of the story.


Contact your Super fund and have them chase up any missing Super for you. It takes 1 minute to do…do it now…right now.


The other little bump that was out of the ordinary this month was an insurance claim I had put in for loss of rent on one of my properties. I won’t go into the back story but in a nut-shell, I had been paying the interest repayments on one of the properties for about 3 months. The three months back pay came into my account once my claim was approved. It was around $4.5K which bumped this month up a bit.


I might do a post about the whole fiasco another time. It was just another reminder that having a big cash buffer is essential when investing in real estate.


Net Worth Update


About $20K from super that was missing was the huge bump this month.


I also had an insurance claim payment go through (about $4.5K). Good month of saving ($6K) and ETF’s went up.


Overall an excellent month and my biggest ever monthly increase.


Oh, and I finally hit $300K! Whooohoooo!!!!




No change in any of the properties for this month.

Various data sources (RP data, etc.) are used in combination of what similar surrounding properties were sold for to calculate an estimate. This is an official Commonwealth bank estimate and one which they use to approve loans.


ETFs went up slightly. I believe that dividend payments are around the corner too. Looking forward to those 🙂 (hover over to see $$$ figures)



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