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A solid month of savings with a little help from the assets sees the net worth soar to new heights in May.

Averagish (not a word I know) month expense wise with us spending a touch over $4K.

The hidden costs of certain activities added up last month. A pet peeve of mine are trips to Melbourne for events, weddings or to see family and friends. Not that I don’t want to see family or friends or go to events in Melbourne. It’s all the added costs/hassles associated with it that sucks. It takes around 1.5 hours from where I live to get to Melbourne, the trip usually means a fast food lunch stop at the servo past Pakenham which, while relatively inexpensive, leaves me feeling like shit and still more expensive than if I had made lunch myself, city link tollway adds another $17.50, you then have to pay for parking in the city which can be another $25 and then there are the accommodation costs which are around $120 p/n depending on how cheap we are going.

So a typical weekend in Melbourne can end up costing us:

Fuel round trip: $35
Toll: $17.50
Parking: $25
Accommodation: $120
Wasted time in traffic: 3 Hours

Total: $197.50

I’m not including food or anything related to the event because we would still have to eat if it was local and pay for the event. I’m just adding the ‘Melbourne’ element.

$197.50 doesn’t sound like much. But invested at 9% over 50 years works out to be $14,723 bucks… Bit of a hyperbole but you get the point.


City living to me just seems so incredibly expensive.

Everything you do seems to cost money.

City: Please drive around for 30 minutes before I give you the opportunity to pay $20 to park here
Country: You see all the spare parking spots in the main drag. Take your pick friend. Btw, what’s meter parking?

City: Hello gents. It’s going to cost ya $20 bucks just for the privilege of breathing the air in here. Also, the drinks are special tonight, $20 red bull and vodka’s
Country: Yeah, no shoes are alright mate. Just watch the broken glass down back and don’t feed the dog. That will be $3 bucks for a pot.
*Disclaimer: Well aware that city clubs offer a lot more but still 

City: Oh, you want to use the fastest route to your destination? Here is this great tunnel that you helped pay for (taxpayers money)…… But we’re ganna have to keep charging you more money to use it each time. And if you want to take the long way around, I hope you downloaded some Podcasts because surprise surprise, road works have just started 🙂🔫
Country: Follow this road for 20km straight and you’ll reach the town. Just watch for the potholes and roos.

City: And this lovely two bedroom shack will only cost 1.2M, your first born and the tip of a black rhinoceros horn.
Country: $350k plus a slab of VB and you’ve got yourself a deal cobba!



Net Worth Update

Hitting new territory in terms of net worth this month as autumn comes to an end. All round contribution from savings, little bump from ETFs and Super to cap off a solid month.



No changes in the properties this month.



Various data sources (RP data, etc.) are used in combination of what similar surrounding properties were sold for to calculate an estimate. This is an official Commonwealth bank estimate and one which they use to approve loans.


ETF performance update for May


Nothing to write home about but any gains are always a plus.



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Download my personal spreadsheet I use to calculate my net worth each month


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