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And so ends another financial year.

Which leads us to the most exciting part…


It always amazes me when I hear people say they haven’t done their tax return yet month after July or even worse when they haven’t done one for years!

You’re leaving money on the table. And it’s so easy to complete a return these days that you really shouldn’t have an excuse for not getting it done once you have your group certificate. I’m seeing my accountant tomorrow actually (my return is a little complicated this year) but I’m doing Mrs. FB’s return through the ATO website MyGov since hers is very straightforward.

One of the cool things about posting monthly snapshots of our net worth is that it creates an online historic journal not only for you guys out there reading these posts but also for myself to look back on in years to come. Looking back on June last year it is amazing to see that we have grown our net worth by $81K over the last 12 months.

Like always, I plan to do a savings review in the next few days to see how much we spent over the financial year and compare that to last year. We only really have two years worth of real data because we only joined finances in 2016. It will be interesting to see if we have spent more or less than the previous year and how our returns have gone.



Net Worth Update

Bit of an ‘eh’ sorta month. Little Super bump in Super and ETFs. Saved pretty well and we received some dividends.

Not a huge gain, but a gain nonetheless. As long as we’re moving up, it’s still a win 😊



No changes in the properties this month again (over a year since a change)!

I have been doing some research in what properties are selling for that are similar to mine in the area and the current valuations I have from CBA seem way outdated (conservative). But to avoid too much speculation, I will keep the prices as they are being reported by CBA. It’s always better to be conservative



Various data sources (RP data, etc.) are used in combination of what similar surrounding properties were sold for to calculate an estimate. This is an official Commonwealth bank estimate and one which they use to approve loans.


ETF performance update for June


Nice little bump from last month. Loving the dividends from the international ETFs 💪. I have the juicy franked Australian dividends coming in July which is something to look forward to.

Every time I get dividends makes me want to move to a more Australian focused portfolio and further away from a predominately capital gains international one. One on this in an upcoming post.





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Download my personal spreadsheet I use to calculate my net worth each month

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Download My Networth Sheet

Download my personal spreadsheet I use to calculate my net worth each month